ERD-CH4 + DVI Liquid ISCR Amendment


Provectus’ ERD-CH4+ technology represents the latest advancement in environmental biotechnology by combining the proven biochemistry of enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) fermentable carbon sources with cold water-soluble dual-valent iron (DVI) and – where appropriate – our antimethanogenic reagents (AMRs) to yield a truly unique, liquid ISCR (in situ chemical reduction) reagent.

As outlined herein, this technical approach offers the benefits of:

  • Can be applied via screened wells
  • Ease of use (can self-perform)
  • Increased reliability and improved performance beyond ERD alone
  • In situ formation (for FREE!) of mackinawite and other iron sulfides
  • Extended longevity (remedial action persists for many years)
  • Reduced risk of regulatory exceedances for methane
  • Avoidance of possible health and safety issues (vapor intrusion, induced plume migration)
  • Custom formulations available (buffered, up to >85% FC, AMRs optional)

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