Provect-ERD™ and ERD-CH4™ Liquid, Antimethanogenic Reagent

Example of ERD-CH4 (Not Actual Image)Provect-ERD is an emulsified liquid electron donor used to create enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) conditions in groundwater for anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvents (e.g., PCE, TCE, DCE, and VC). The technology is developed on a site-specific basis with a range typically containing 60 - 70% fermentable carbon (FC), several short and long-term carbon sources, and the addition of Provectus antimethanogenic reagents (AMRs). Furthermore, our Provect-ERD with antimethanogenic reagents (Provect-ERD CH4) can be formulated with different types of methane inhibitors at different concentrations, typically between 2 and 8% of FC. The primary benefits of Provectus ERD-CH4 over other marketed reductive technologies are:

  • Completely soluble in water hence no need for extensive and time-consuming “water chase”.
  • No need to emulsify the product with specialized tooling and equipment.
  • No laborious material transfers and dilutions.
  • Lower injection pressures.
  • ERD-CH4 is formulated for each site-specific application.
  • Avoids cost and need for contingency planning to manage excessive methane production (SVE/AS off gas treatment).
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Provect-ERD and ERD-CH4 Projects

  • Historic Landmark – Northern California

    Gregg Drilling Safely Injects ERD-CH4™ Liquid Antimethanogenic ISCR Technology By Robert Meyer – Project Manager at Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc. Last week we completed another successful In-Situ Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination project at a registered historic landmark of early semiconductor development in the South Bay Area for an Environmental Engineering firm. Our team was able to […]

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