Scrud Remover™ In Situ Remedy for Wells and Aquifers Fouled from certain EVO Amendments

Looking down an "injection" well. EVO “Scrud” Occluding an Injection Well >3 Years Post EVO Application.

Scrud Remover™ was developed by Redox Tech, LLC (Cary, NC) and Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. (Freeport, IL) in response to industry demand for a safe, effective means of rehabilitating wells and injection points rendered ineffective or useless by extensive fouling, a well-documented combination of scum and crud (Scrud) buildup, following the application of (high-fat) EVO amendments. Like all our environmental products, Scrud Remover™ was developed by experienced remedial practitioners with a focus on safety, effectiveness, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost. The efficacy of Scrud Remover™ is enhanced by heat, but heating is not required.

Antimethanogenic Scrud Remover™ Where applicable, antimethanogenic reagent (AMR) technology is uniquely integrated into Scrud Remover™. While other materials to dissolve scrud will predictably follow, these will likely contain very readily biodegradable organic compounds that will rapidly ferment and liberate methane. In areas sensitive to potential plume migration, vapor intrusion, and other consequences associated with excessive methanogenesis the integrated use of AMR technology may be an important technical differentiator.


Scrud Remover™ was developed through extensive testing of commercially available cleaning agents, ionic and nonionic surfactants, solvents, acids, bases and chelating agents. Individually, none of the materials were always effective at removing the scrud. Also, when some of the heated products dissolved the scrud, the scrud reformed upon cooling. Scrud Remover™ is a proprietary, environmentally friendly, multi-faceted product that removes scrud under ambient conditions (no heat required). To our knowledge, no other similar product exists in the marketplace.