Provectus Announces Launch of First US EBR Pilot Program

Provectus Announces Launch of First US EBR Pilot Program

The Provectus team is pleased to announce that the first Provect-“EBR® (US Patent 9,975,156 B2) system has been deployed to the field for a six-month pilot test. Provectus began a technical partnership with the E. Elgressy Group in 2019 as the exclusive distributor of the patented EBR system for use in the United States, Italy, and Germany. During this time, Provectus personnel and our colleagues traveled to Netanya, Israel for on-site training and observation of full-scale EBR system operations. For the last year, Provectus has been presenting the science behind the EBR system and developing field-scale remedial approaches for a variety of contaminated sites. One of our clients recognized the viability and potential applicability of the technology to address a challenging comingled volatile and semi-volatile organic compound plume that was migrating toward a downgradient receptor.

External View of Mobile EBR Unit Ideal for Pilot-Scale Demonstration Validation on a Site-Specific Basis.

The basis of the technology is to electrolytically convert groundwater to peroxide in the presence of iron oxide nanoparticles. This results in the generation of multiple reactive oxygen species (ROS). The potentiometric equilibrium within the nanoparticle electron shuttling forces propagate reactions that allow for continuous in-situ generation of the ROS’ in an outward radius of influence from each well location. This system allows for the generation of the most reactive and potent remediation chemistry in-situ without the need for production, shipment, storage, or injection of any quantity of chemical.

Internal View of The World’s First Mobile EBR System Capable of Operating 1 to 10 EBR Units.

Our current pilot system is operating three EBR reactor wells; however, the system is designed to power and control up to 10 reactors for a larger pilot or proof of concept operation. The system was designed to be mobile and securely placed in a 16-ft trailer that serves several purposes: rapid transport from the test site as required due to natural occurrences, movement to other site locations for additional testing, and deployment to new locations at the conclusion of the pilot as the site transitions to full-scale operations.

View of the Control System for Remote Real-Time Operation and Performance Monitoring.

The pilot will measure the impact of the Provect-“EBR®” system on contaminant flux, radial impact from each well location, and operational demands. These factors will be evaluated for potential full-scale utilization of the technology. This system is also utilizing a unique down-well system that continuously measures and monitors, in real-time, groundwater geochemistry and reports this information along with the EBR system operation parameters on a remotely accessible cloud-based dashboard. This reduces the requirement of direct on-site system monitoring and operational control. Thereby eliminating the need to travel to the site.

Mobile EBR Trailer on A Remote Site for Field-Scale Pilot Testing.

Interested in an alternative to hydraulic containment, or if there is a site in your portfolio that you believe would benefit from this quantum advancement in-situ technology, please contact Troy Lizer at (330) 284-7428 or via email for a complimentary site evaluation and discussion of the technology.


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