Common Persulfate Remedial Options Not Getting the Job Done?

Common Persulfate Remedial Options Not Getting the Job Done?

For more than two decades, sodium persulfate has been used as an in situ chemical oxidation technology (ISCO) to remediate a wide array range of organic contaminants. Historically, there have been four primary activation methods: ferrous iron, hydrogen peroxide, thermal, and alkaline. Over time, these activation methods have been shown to yield reliable results in primarily forming the sulfate radical for chemical oxidation. Despite working effectively, these activation methods can have drawbacks, including short subsurface lifespans, potential health and safety concerns, additional mixing requirements in the field, and high application costs. Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. has improved upon on these traditional activation methods by formulating an all-in-one sodium persulfate blend, Provect-OX®, that is activated with ferric iron. The use of ferric iron for the activation method avoids the flaws of common activated sodium persulfate while offering the following benefits:

Performance – Forms sulfate radicals and potentially ferrate for oxidation.
pH Buffer – Contains built-in pH buffer to maintain aquifer geochemical conditions.
Longevity – Residual iron and sulfate sustain bioremediation for several years.
Ease of Use – Packaged in one bag for more efficient field applications.
Cost – Saves time and money by managing contaminant rebound.
Health & Safety – Doesn’t generate heat, off-gasses, or use extreme activation chemistries.

In addition to improving upon the activation method, Provectus has also enhanced our persulfate chemistries by developing Provect-OX2™. Provect-OX2™ is a blend of sodium and potassium persulfates with the same preblended ferric iron activator as Provect-OX®. By adding potassium to our traditional Provect-OX® technology, we provide an extended-release oxidant profile (e.g., several months) of the oxidant for months compared to weeks due to the lower solubility of the potassium persulfate relative to the sodium persulfate. The combination of sodium and potassium persulfates acts as a short-term and long-term oxidant to extend longevity while still offering all the same benefits of the ferric iron activation. This in turn allows for Provect-OX2™ to not only be applied in source areas but also utilized in permeable reactive barriers and as backfill amendments during soil excavation.

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