Provect-"EBR®" - In Situ Generator of Reactive Oxidants




EBR® (US patent 9,975,156 B2) is a subsurface, electrokinetic system that continually generates within a reactor well (see inset) Fenton’s-like reagents and dissolved oxygen in a controlled manner, at neutral pH, and without the addition of exogenous chemicals. These colloidal (nanoscale) catalytic and reactive reagents are uniquely propagated via multiple mechanisms outside of the reactor wells (spaced ca. 4 to 7 m apart) into the aquifer. Provect-“EBR®” is a field-proven system that effectively integrates ISCO, microbiological, and geophysical mechanisms to treat contaminated aquifers.

Targeted constituents of interest (COIs) are destroyed via multiple oxidation reactions and accelerated biodegradation using oxygen and iron as the preferred electron acceptors. Accordingly, the technology has been be used to rapidly mineralize chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons and MTBE. It has near-future applications for perchlorate, 1,4-dioxane, pharmaceuticals and - potentially - other challenging contaminants such as fluorinated compounds.

The treatment systems are monitored real-time and controlled/adjusted remotely via a user-friendly dashboard interface. The software will also compile data, generate reports, and issue programmed alarms. As such, the technology is a cost-effective, low-profile full remediation system for the rapid mineralization of various organic COIs present in aquifer media.


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