Provect-IRM® Solid, Antimethanogenic Reagent for ISCR and Heavy Metal Stabilization

Provect-IRM® employs this proven ISCR technology to facilitate established adsorption and precipitation reactions for heavy metal immobilization. It is composed of multiple reagents in a single product:

  • Provect-CH4® (a proprietary source of Monacolin-K and other natural statins that act as methanogenic inhibitors)
  • Multiple, hydrophilic, nutrient-rich organic carbon sources (plant materials, kelp, calcium propionate) → 390 g H /lb product.
  • Small (ca. 10 to 25 micron) ZVI → 25 ft reactive ZVI surface area / lb product
  • Chemical oxygen scavengers to help maintain reduced conditions during mixing
  • Integrated vitamins, minerals mineral sources (yeast extracts) specially selected for the growth and development of anaerobes
  • Ferrous sulfate to help promote formation of iron-sulfide mineral complexes, where needed

Most notably, Provect-IRM® uniquely inhibits the activity of methanogens (Scalzi et al, 2013, 2014) during the synergistic ISCR processes. This greatly reduces the biosynthesis of highly toxic, mobile methylated (organo) metals, which is a very negative consequence of conventional ISCR reactions / immobilization practices. As such, all metal species are quickly sequestered for safe, long-term, stable immobilization of heavy metal contaminants. In addition to avoiding the safety issues associated with elevated methane in groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air, Provect-IRM also promotes more efficient use of the hydrogen donor for more cost-efficient, more effective remedial actions.