Provectus Spring Newsletter 2018

Our Spotlight Projects

East Orange, NJ Area
Emulsified Zero Valent Iron and Provect-IR to Address High TCE Concentrations in New Jersey – A former manufacturing facility was impacted with chlorinated volatile organic compounds, with maximum groundwater trichloroethene (TCE) concentrations of 99,000 ug/L. A combination of emulsified zero valent iron and Provect-IR® was applied to limit plume migration and address the high TCE concentrations. Anaerobic bioremediation is still ongoing, but TCE concentrations have been reduced from 99,000 ug/L to less than 53 ug/L at the primary target well.

St. Albans, West Virginia Area
Residual Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacts at Former Gas Station – An all-too-familiar issue is residual groundwater petroleum hydrocarbon contamination at former gas stations that have already undergone tank removal, excavation and additional remedial efforts. This former gas station in West Virginia had relatively low level BTEX, MTBE, and TBA impacts in two on-site monitoring wells. The most impacted monitoring well exhibited benzene, MTBE, and TBA grounwater concentrations of 77 ug/L, 72.8 ug/L, and 1,480 ug/L, respectively. Following application of Provect-OX®, which is a self-activating in situ chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation technology, non-detect results were achieved within approximately 1 year.

Our Amendments Updates

Provectus Solid ISCR Amendments
We uniquely provide Provect-IR ®  and Provect-IRM ®  antimethanogenic ISCR amendments to actively manage methanogenesis during the treatment process.
Premium ZVI Amendments for the Remediation Industry
Working in collaboration with GMA Industries, Inc. , we are pleased to announce that our specially selected ZVI amendments are available to the environmental industry.

Our Upcoming Events

11th International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds -April 8-12, 2018
Our Provectus team will be exhibiting atBooth328 or available at one of our five presentations during the conference.
  • New Antimethanogenic Reagents (AMRs). J. Mueller, G. Booth, J. Haselow, B. Rehm, A. Hassel, and K. Finneran. Jim Mueller (Provectus Environmental Products, Inc./USA)
  • Advancements to the EZVI Technology: Optimization of Biotic and Abiotic Processes and Improved Implementability for In Situ DNAPL Destruction. G. Booth, J. Mueller, C. Yestrebsky, N. Lapeyrouse, C. Clausen, and M. Scalzi. J. Greg Booth (Provectus Environmental Products, Inc./ USA)
  • Long-Term Performance and Methanogenesis Associated with Four Remedial Amendments: Indiana Sites. B. Dayharsh, K. Finneran, and J. Mueller. Jim Mueller (Provectus Environmental Products, Inc./USA)
  • Reclamation of a TPH-Impacted Site via LNAPL Recovery and ISCO Treatment: Case Field, Italy. C. Sandrone, A. Campi, F. Accorsi, and J. Mueller. Jim Mueller (Provectus Environmental Products, Inc./USA)
  • Stable and Radio Isotope Analysis to Identify Sources of Methane during a Remedial Action. R. Coffin, E. Benson, and J. Mueller. Jim Mueller (Provectus Environmental Products, Inc./USA)
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Focused Remediation Seminar Series
St. Louis, MO – April 25, 2018
Dr. Jim Mueller will be presenting, ” ISCO or ISCR? – Advances and Selection Criteria for 2018″ .

Our Employment Opportunities

West Coast Regional Manager
The successful candidate will contribute to the company’s growth, expansion and development by interacting with our R&D team and multiple international partners to continually improve our technologies and expand our business. Based in a home office anywhere along the West Coast, the position offers the opportunity to join an established, truly unique team of experts in the environmental remediation industry.
The ideal candidate will have:
  • M.Sc. degree in environmental sciences, or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years’ industry experience
  • Established client relationships
  • Experience interacting with regulatory agencies
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to operate independently with minimal oversite