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Searching for the Right ISCR Amendment? Safer, Modern, Most Effective, and Field Proven Alternatives


Provectus Solid ISCR Amendments

… safer, modern, most effective, field proven

circa March, 2004 (San Diego, CA): during a discussion between scientists now at Provectus and Dr. Dick Brown (retired) regarding the emerging concept of injecting ZVI + fermentable carbon into an aquifer (see abstract AEHS, 2004), Dr. Brown coined the term “ISCR (the dark side of ISCO)” to describe the concept of creating conditions for in situ chemical reduction. Since this time, the ISCR acronym has been used more broadly than our original intent (see Brown et al 2009; see Dolfing et al 2007). And a variety of “ISCR-type” remedial amendments that combine myriad types of fermentable carbon + a range of reduced metals have entered the remedial marketplace.
Selecting an ISCR amendment in today’s marketplace can be confusing, but the choice can be greatly simplified. Provectus controls six USA patents (additional patents pending) covering our ISCR technologies and processes. And we uniquely provide Provect-IR® and Provect-IRM® antimethanogenic ISCR amendments to actively manage methanogenesis during the treatment process (see Mueller/Booth paper).

 Proven effective, with numerous international case studies
 Treats a wide range of contaminants
 Multiple hydrophilic, nutrient rich organic carbon sources
 Various particle size ZVI
 Chemical oxygen scavenger
 Made in the USA, Europe and Taiwan

Provect-ir® and Provect-irm® for Soils Conventional ISCR Amendment

Provect-ir® (US patents 7,129,3887,531,709) is our improved formulation of the original, solid ISCR amendment developed circa 2004 in part by scientists now at Provectus. This conventional ISCR amendment contains multiple (i.e., more than one) forms of controlled-release, hydrophilic organic carbon plus carefully selected ZVI (see ZVI technical data sheet) of various particle size, vitamins/nutrients, an organic binding agent, and chemical oxygen scavengers. The injectable Provect-ir amendment also contains guar to facilitate effective mixing in the field.

Similarly, Provect-ir for Soils is a specially formulated amendment for surface applications via soil mixing and land-farming to treat nitrogenous energetics and organochlorine pesticides in soils (see here for technical paper, or see here for comparative study); Contact us for a competitive price quotation.

PROVECT-IR® Solid Antimethanogenic ISCR Amendment

Provect-IR® (US patents 7,129,3887,531,7097,828,9748,147,6949,221,699patents pending) uniquely combines antimethanogenic reagents (AMR technology) such as a source of Monacolin K and other natural statins or essential plant oils to inhibit the growth and proliferation of Archaea (i.e.,methanogens). This unique mixture of reagents is combined into a single product to optimize the in situ chemical reduction of halogenated chemicals present in soil, sediment, and groundwater.
The distinctive combination of reagents promotes ISCR conditions for fast and effective destruction of targeted COIs while managing the production of methane during the requisite carbon fermentation processes. This promotes more efficient use of the hydrogen donor while avoiding potentially negative issues associated with elevated methane in groundwater, soil gas and indoor air (induced vapor migration, plume expansion, other potential health & safety issues).

PROVECT-IRM®  Solid, Antimethanogenic Reagent for ISCR and Heavy Metal Stabilization

Provect-IRM® (US Patent 9,637,731patents pending) employs our proven ISCR technology to facilitate adsorption and precipitation reactions for heavy metal immobilization. It is composed of multiple reagents in a single product.

 Proven effective, with numerous international case studies
 Treats a wide range of contaminants
 Multiple hydrophilic, nutrient rich organic carbon sources
 Various particle size ZVI
 Chemical oxygen scavenger
 Made in the USA, Europe and Taiwan
Uniquely, Provect-IRM® inhibits the activity of methanogens during the synergistic ISCR processes. This greatly reduces the biosynthesis of highly toxic, mobile methylated (organo) metals, which can have very negative consequences since methylated metals are often more mobile and more toxic than their inorganic counterparts. As such, targeted metal species (e.g., arsenic, chromium, mercury, etc) are quickly sequestered for safe, long-term, stable immobilization. In addition to avoiding the potential safety issues associated with elevated methane in groundwater, soil gas and indoor air, Provect-IRM also promotes more efficient use of the hydrogen donor for more cost-efficient, more effective remedial actions.


Increased efficiency is the main benefit of controlling excessive methanogenesis during in situ remedial action using ERD or ISCR technologies (see Mueller et al 2014)
  • More Efficient: Hydrogen yield calculations have shown that by minimizing waste of hydrogen by controlling excessive methanogenesis one can elicit the same response by using ca. 30% less organic amendment. Since it takes less time and resource to inject less amendment this can significantly lower overall project cost.

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Following the addition of Provect-IR or Provect-IRM (or their conventional Provect-ir® counterparts with no active methane control technology) to an aquifer environment, several physical, chemical and microbiological processes combine to create an extremely reduced environment that stimulates dehalogenation and ultimately mineralization of otherwise persistent compounds.  As outlined herein, a combination of field measurements and laboratory analyses can be used to determine effectiveness of the ISCR processes… read more


Safe, effective emplacement of any amendment is a critical component of all successful in situ remediation projects. Upon request, Provectus will work with one of our preferred injection contractors to provide lump-sum (no change orders!), turn-key injection services in combination with our remedial amendments.
The materials are safe and easy to handle and could be applied by other competent contractors using some basic guidelines described here… read more

Our ISCR amendments have been successfully used in North America, South America, Oceania and EAMA. Various examples of these projects, along with lessons learned, can be found on our website.
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