Letter From The President

Chapter 1. As some readers will know, I formed Adventus Americas, Inc. in 2003 to work with an established group of Canadian environmental scientists on building an international business to commercialize a core group of bioremediation technologies. Our initial specialization was on the treatment of organic contaminants and nitrogenous energetic compounds present in soil. Over the subsequent decade, we diversified our technology offerings through focused research, strategic partnerships, and corporate acquisitions. By working in close collaboration with many of you, we expanded our company’s operations geographically and helped manage a diverse range of environmental challenges throughout the world. Success (as well as failure) mandates change, and The Adventus Group was sold to FMC Corporation in November 2011 which, in turn, divested the business unit as part of a larger initiative in March, 2014. At that time it was clear my job there was completed.

Chapter 2. Provectus (Latin) = advanced; higher level of knowledge. Provectus Environmental Products represents applied remedial sciences operating on a different level. We have procured exclusive rights to what I see as the most innovative, promising environmental biotechnologies available today. We are a well-funded, private equity small business with high ethics dedicated to the development and global commercialization of genuinely progressive technologies. We are not consultants. Our business model is to support RPs, environmental engineers, technical consultants, governmental regulators, and the wider academic community by providing design and selection of cost-effective remediation strategies. We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Distinctive Environmental Biotechnologies that Work = The Provectus line of environmental remediation products are truly different, and they represent genuinely unique chemistries: they are not simply “me too” modifications of existing environmental technologies. As you review our technology portfolio, common features will be apparent: a clear focus on safety, tangible cost efficiencies, demonstrated effectiveness, distinguishable ease of use, and recognizable quality at the highest level.
  • Credible Technical Aptitude = Highly qualified staff, including Ph.D. level scientists and others representing more than 150 cumulative years’ experience with environmental biotechnology; inventors and developers of multiple physical, chemical and/or biological remediation technologies.
  • Predictable Remedial Performance = Patented and Patent-Pending technologies. Guaranteed performance and other warranties offered in conjunction with strategic providers and partners.
    Responsive Customer Service = Logistics with no surprises, no excuses, no frustration. User-friendly and cordial account management personnel.
  • Quantifiable Client Value = Safer, more effective, more cost-efficient remedial actions. “Do it Right the First Time” – avoid problems associated with new and emerging regulations for methane in groundwater, soil gas, and indoor air.

I am committed to leading this effort with the same level of technical aptitude you have experienced over the past 20+ years. I promise to provide an often missing focus in our industry on truly exemplary customer service reinforced through candid, scientifically defensible client interactions. For those clients keen on employing Green and sustainable remedial solutions, our participation in the worldwide SuRF forums will help ensure that their values are appreciated.

As you will read in this first of many newsletters, our initial outreach for strategic collaboration and technical synergies has met with overwhelmingly positive replies. I am very grateful for the rapid acceptance and support received from respected colleagues and valued clients. If the first 3 months are reflective of our future, then it is a very auspicious one indeed, and we will rapidly meet our goal of positioning Provectus in its leadership role. Onward and upward.

Jim Mueller