FDEP Selects Terracon Team and Provect-OX … Because It’s Greater Than One

FDEP Selects Terracon Team and Provect-OX® … Because It’s Greater Than One

In collaboration with Terracon and Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc., Provectus recently procured a highly competitive Innovative Technology award issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Division of Waste Management / Petroleum Restoration Program. The Program solicited performance-based contracts to help manage challenging sites throughout the State of Florida where conventional remedial approaches have failed to meet remedial objectives within the original budgets and schedules.

Having confidence in the Provect-OX® technology when properly applied, the Terracon submittal was selected over all other applicants based on our:

Ability to Meet Performance Metrics:
Pay-For-Performance contracts require achievement of Groundwater Cleanup Target Levels (CTLs) for BTEX, MTBE, PAHs and TRPHs (Residential CTLs – Chapter 62-777 F.A.C) and, importantly, maintenance of CTLs for 1 year with NFA recommendation.

Ability to Manage Rebound
In order to meet Maintenance of CTLs criteria, proper site characterization is important, but it is also critical to manage COI rebound (click here – Performance of DNAPL Source Depletion Technologies at 59 Chlorinated Solvent-Impacted Sites). Conventional ISCO technologies typically exhibit contaminant rebound, with one study showing that 75% of the conventional ISCO sites evaluated had no significant effect on benzene removal beyond that associated with natural attenuation (click here  – Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation by  In Situ Chemical Oxidation at Colorado Sites). Fortunately, Provect-OX® is specifically designed to support sustained bioremediation processes and therefore prevent rebound as iron will remain in place and active for many years (click here for references).

Ability to Safely Implement at an Active Facility:
Provect-OX ® has fewer health and safety concerns as compared to use of traditional activation methods such as heat, chelated metals, hydrogen peroxide or pH extremes using NaOH. It will not generate excessive heat/off-gases. Single component product – all in one bag – with integrated buffer, ferrate-stabilizer and activator results in simplified logistics and application.

Promotes multiple oxidation reactions such as ferrate, superoxide and persulfate-based free radicals yielding more extensive In Situ oxidation of a wider-range of organic contaminants (click here).

Cost Efficiency:
Local management and regional implementation plus significantly lower chemical costs due to the utilization of multiple oxidants with combined secondary treatment processes. Use of ferric oxide conserves oxidant when compared to organo-iron or chelated iron activation.

Did your ISCO provider offer you Pay-For-Performance contracting options?

Could They? Would They? Should They?
Provect-OX® is the industry’s first self-activated, persulfate-based ISCO amendment (US patent 9,126,245). Our most advanced formulations of buffered Provect-OX® utilize Terr-OR as a stabilizer for reactive ferrate (patents pending). It has been  successfully used in North America, South America, Oceania and EAMA. Various examples of these projects, along with lessons learned, can be found on our website .

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