Shopping Center – Northern California

Gregg Drilling Safely Injects EZVI-CH4™ Antimethanogenic ISCR Technology Over the Weekend

By Robert Meyer – Project Manager at Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Northern California Gregg Remediation Team was out setting up on some limited access injection borings to help knock down a small plume using Provectus’ Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron enhanced with Provect-CH4 Methane Inhibitor.

This particular application had not only tight quarters, but a very shallow (5 ft bgs) treatment interval start. Additionally, we were injecting between several shallow soil vapor extraction wells. In order to keep volumes low to prevent surfacing, we injected borings on a very tight grid, and injected only neat product as delivered on 3 foot intervals.

The combination direct push/hollow stem auger rig mobilized is great for tight locations at only 4′ wide. It is also handy for use inside because it is powered by propane, and has a similar engine to a warehouse forklift. This rig is commonly used inside active facilities due to low NOx emissions.

The crew safely mobilized our injection trailer into the busy parking lot before they opened, and we were off-site with all work completed at all 6 locations by the end of the day with no trace other than a couple fresh patches on the asphalt. The neighboring businesses were extremely accommodating, even delivering the breakfast order directly to the Injection Operator!