Redevelopment Site – Southern California

Gregg Drilling Safely Implements Provect-IR® Antimethanogenic ISCR Technology

By Todd Hanna – Remediation Division Manager at Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc.

ISCR (In Situ Chemical Reduction) is on the agenda this week for our Southern California Gregg Remediation Team. We are injecting a Provect-IR slurry into multiple Direct Push injection points using a top-down injection approach, targeting 2-foot treatment intervals between 41-55 feet.

The easy open pull tape on the Provect-IR bags provide for safe opening, “no sharps needed.”

In addition, we are bioaugmenting with SDC-9 consortium, which is injected directly into our Injection manifold. Anoxic water is being quickly prepared onsite using amino acid (L-Cysteine), anoxic water is being injected before and after the Dhc in each treatment interval.

The Gregg Drilling team consisting of Alex Jernigan, Paul Lineberg, and Keith Ward are safely progressing through the project, keeping everything on budget and on schedule.