Active Gas Station Site – Milport, Alabama

X2 Tackles Remedial Effort Using Advanced Oxidation Technologies

By Brendan Gerber – Operations Manager at X2 Environmental Contracting, Inc.


X2 Environmental Contracting, Inc. recently completed another successful In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) / Enhanced Bioremediation project to treat BTEX contamination at an active gas station site in Alabama. This project included challenging drilling conditions and work hours between 9 PM – 5 AM as to not disrupt current business operations.

Prior remedial operations at the site included Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging (SVE/AS) Technology. SVE/AS activities began in 2013 and was terminated in 2017 due to its inability to reduce BTEX levels in the source area to acceptable levels.

An injection program was designed and implemented by X2 to remediate BTEX impacts in both soil and groundwater utilizing advanced oxidation technologies. The remedial approach employed the oxidation remedial product “Provect-OX” supplied by Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. This product provides dual benefits of a self-activating persulfate oxidation chemistry paired with the appropriate components for a longer lasting biological attenuation process following the oxidation event.


X2 utilized it’s versatile mobile injection system to implement the corrective action plan. The small footprint of the fully self-contained system allowed for efficient setup and breakdown of the site each night before business opening the next morning.


The Provect-OX reagent was safely mixed and applied in two treatment areas. Both treatment areas targeted 2-foot injection zones throughout the vertical treatment interval at each location. Injection operating pressures ranged from 80-150 psi throughout the site. All work was completed without incident and X2 looks forward to evaluating the data following the next sampling event.