Environmental Forensics Support – Sediment Environments

Integrated real-time remote monitoring (source Field Environmental Instruments, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA)
Integrated real-time remote monitoring (source Field Environmental Instruments, Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA)

Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. has teamed with recognized experts to help manage sediment impacts via specialized assessment, predictive analysis, and – where appropriate – remedial design support and implementation oversite.

Working in collaboration with RPs, environmental engineers, technical consultants, governmental regulators, and the academic community we can help develop scientifically valid, defensible, and cost-effective management strategies using data from specialized analytical tools that provide highly accurate information on:

  • Fingerprinting contaminant source(s)
  • Contaminant transport and residence time
  • Natural and enhanced (bio)degradation of contaminants
  • Spatial variation of contaminant capacity for accumulation vs. degradation
  • Differentiation from background concentrations
  • Determination of modern vs. historic anthropogenic contributions

See our Statement of Qualifications (click here) for example relevant projects where we worked with site consultants and project teams to save significant time and money by assisting with:

  • Proper delineation of areas of interest
  • Accurate assessment of transport processes for nonpoint-source contaminant loading
  • Prediction of the natural in situ degradation of the contaminant
  • Remedial technologies, selection and implementation
  • Performance monitoring post remedial action

We offer complimentary site evaluations (click here), conceptual remedial designs and material cost estimates. Please contact us for more information